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montessori with megha

"Mindfulness And More"

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When I became a parent, I was confused and perplexed. I had lots going on in my head- what's right for the baby, what's not! I was not satisfied and was reading up here and there for tips and tricks!

But when I met a true Montessorian, my life changed! I had a clear picture of what I want and how I have to go about it. It was not easy because it was not what I was already doing! I was doing it all wrong! I read books, and my mentor guided me at every step. I was calm, my toddler was calm and gradually she began her journey towards independence. That's when I knew I wanted others parents to understand the Montessori philosophy. I did my Montessori training from AMI and my perspective changed completely. I was no longer in a rat race! I knew how to trust my child and have the patience to watch things unfold, by providing the prepared environment.

I learnt from my mentors how respect, love, empathy and compassion can nurture a child who is happy and responsible! 

Parenting is the most rewarding experience but can be very overwhelming with the amount of information available. We doubt ourselves way too much, but the fact is only we know our child the best.


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